fall recreational registration will be open on June 5th.  you can register your child at www.brsoccer.org.


we are hosting an indoor camp June 19-23 at the premier indoor soccer facility.  register at www.brsoccer.org.

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2013 Fall Practice Schedule & Preseason Camps Announced!

July 6, 2013

Capital City United will have 11 competitive teams this fall (U12g blue, U12g red, U13g, U15g, U16g, U17g, U11b, U12b, U13b, U16b, & U18b). We have released the 2013 Practice Schedule for the upcoming fall season.

Be sure to check the CCU Schedule

page to stay up to date with the latest time and dates for your CCU player.

In addition to the Practice Schedule, we have also released our 2013 Preseason Camp Information. With so many teams we will conduct all of our pre season practices at WBR. This gives us the space and goals needed to accommodate all the players at one time.

The Preseason Camp will be held August 3-6th at the West Baton Rouge Soccer Complex. If needed, we have also scheduled an additional rain day on August 7th.

Visit the Preseason Information page for more information on apparel guidelines and other necessities.

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CCU Practice Schedule Fall 2013

CCU Preseason Camp Information 2013

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