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Capital City United Looks to the Future, Rebrands

May 5, 2013

Capital City United has partnered with Eden Creative, a digital creative studio in Indiana to rebrand the club. Eden Creative designed a new identity for the club, including a new team crest as well as secondary & academy crests. In addition to the identities, Eden has revamped the Capital City United website, updating the design as well improving the user interaction. A Capital City United Twitter Account has been added and the Facebook page has been updated as well.

“The goal was to create an identity for the club that would not only stand out in this area, but also regionally and nationally,” states Zach Grantham, Creative Director at Eden. “There are elements in the branding, such as the Capital Building illustration, the use of the Fleur De Lis, and the 18 stars representing Louisiana being the 18th state in the union, that reflect the history & sites of the Baton Rouge area. We set out to create a crest for the club that is sleek, modern, and top quality that excites the players & coaches and takes the club aesthetically to another level.”

The new website will make club registration a smoother process as well as provide it’s visitors with club news, updates and the ability to buy team & fan gear directly from the website. “With the Capital City United rebrand, one of our main objectives was to give the club a platform to be able to gain awareness and connect with their desired audience. The website was the engine behind completing those tasks. The site will not only allow the club to keep connected with its current players, but stir excitement for potential players as well.”

Capital City United is very excited about the results that Eden Creative has delivered. In addition to the success seen on the field, the aesthetic qualities and improved user interaction that Eden has provided on our new website, CCU is headed in the right direction to be a top class soccer club.

Make sure to follow CCU on twitter @capitalcityu and Facebook for the latest news and information!

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