fall recreational registration will be open on June 5th.  you can register your child at www.brsoccer.org.


we are hosting an indoor camp June 19-23 at the premier indoor soccer facility.  register at www.brsoccer.org.

Team News


CCU Enters Liberty Mutual Sports Grant Program

May 9, 2013

Capital City United is registered for an opportunity to win a grant from Liberty Mutual’s Responsible Sports program.


The grant is $2500 and it is competition based. We need for our parents and coaches to register online and then take a quiz. After taking the quiz they can credit our club.

Hopefully we will have 100% participation, but an added bonus is that there is a great deal of extremely helpful guidance on this site about sports and children. With the death of the soccer referee in Utah, this type of education cannot be more timely.

Managers please pass this out to your parents so they can take the quiz and receive credit.

Also, the coaches can take quizzes as well. I have already taken my parent’s quiz and have received my certificate. This was an easy way to try and raise a small amount of money and I believe most everyone in our club has internet access.

Thanks to Tracey Kimbrell, our U14g team manager, for finding this program and setting it up for CCU!

Chris Mitchell


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