fall recreational registration will be open on June 5th.  you can register your child at www.brsoccer.org.


we are hosting an indoor camp June 19-23 at the premier indoor soccer facility.  register at www.brsoccer.org.

Team News

State Cup & Regionals Schedule

March 31, 2017

State Cup

CCU U12 Boys – April 8th & 9th (Alexandria)
CCU U13 Boys, U15 Boys, U14 Girls (Blue), & U14 Girls (White) – April 22nd & 23rd (Lafayette)
CCU U15 Girls, U16 Boys, & U17 Boys – May 6th & 7th (Baton Rouge)
CCU U16 Girls, U17 Girls, & U18 Girls – May 20th & 21st (Baton Rouge)

Comp 2 Semi & Finals – May 13th & 14th (Madeville)
Comp 1 Semi & Finals – May 27th & 28th (Lafayette)

Regionals (For all State Cup Champions)

Comp 2 Regionals – June 13th-June 18th (Tulsa, OK)

Comp1 Regionals – June22nd-June29th (Greensboro, NC)

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